Nov 23 Virtual event

We're entering a time of major transition.

We've seen change happen at a pace and scale this year truly unlike anything before. But as we move further into recovery, we can already see and feel that elastic force snapping us back into a more familiar form, rolling back progress to the old ways of doing things.

Join FutureGov for a virtual event as we explore how we continue thinking radically differently, grabbing hold of the things that work and orienting ourselves in more flexible ways to manage the transition from here to there.

Over a high-powered morning, we're bringing together leaders and change makers for lightning talks and panels to help us unearth the creative solutions and modern approaches that will support everyone to not only reimagine what's next, but manage our own transitions from here to the future.

After the event, we'll invite attendees to additional breakout sessions in the following weeks, hosted by FutureGov, facilitating discussions around the topics that interest you most.

Joining us at Transitions:

  • Adah Parris - Chair of Mental Health First Aid England
  • Matthew Cain - Head Of Digital and Data at London Borough of Hackney
  • Beth Blauer - Executive Director at Johns Hopkins University Centers for Civic Impact
  • Jennifer Wynter - Head of Benefits And Housing Needs at London Borough of Hackney
  • Betsy Bassis - Chief Executive Officer at NHS Blood and Transplant
  • many more to be announced

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